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Hello, its been a while

Its been quite a while since i last posted here, or even updated the site.

Nothing has changed though. I am still 100% a non smoker thanks to PseudoSmoking, don't miss it, don't crave it, happy to be around others that smoke and still really like the smell of cigarette smoke, but it is now something I have no desire to indulge in at all.

This is, I am convinced, due to taking the time made available to me by PseudoSmoking to stop the habit of smoking over a period of time so my brain and unconscious reaction to want a cigarette in many situations was overcome very easily, purely because i could if I chose, PseudoSmoke if I felt it necessary. The next time this event happened I was always less likely to have that unconscious reaction as the act of PseudoSmoking does not involve any reward from the cigarette smoke as nicotine does not get absorbed into the blood stream ( see science lessons for more info as to why this is ) .

So having quit smoking after an extended period to make sure that PseudoSmoking wasn't all smoke and mirrors, I fully quit after 15 months when I know it was possible within 6 months very easily and for some, as little as 3 months. However long it takes, the process is easier and cheaper than any other method ( cold turkey has other expenses ) and is the most foolproof way to quit once and for all without any of the failure other methods have, purely because they do not take into account the situational habit that drives people back to smoke when they are exposed to them.

On January 1 2020, at midnight it will be 5 years since I quit smoking. I hope I have helped others with my method. In an age of instant gratification I do have my doubts, as it isn't instant. I have never claimed it to be. It takes some serious effort to PseudoSmoke properly initially even when its very simple, it never is when you change a habit of doing one thing to another opposite. But like anything worthwhile, practice, practice, practice and before you know it you'll wonder why you have those cigarettes in your pocket when you run out of situations to even think about having one.

PseudoSmoke to quit smoking easily.............I did

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